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RIP Gil Scott Heron

Paul | May 28, 2011 in Music | Comments (2)


Truly one of the greats.

Have I mentioned how great the new Lucinda is?

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If not, consider it done.

Let the good times roll

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Willie Bobo: Spanish Grease

Paul | May 30, 2010 in Music | Comments (0)

In the category of “things I heard while drinking mojitos in a bar in Jersey City and used Shazam to track down.” Funnily enough, one of the first youtube hits was for “Summer Loving” in Spanish.

Nina Simone!

Paul | April 16, 2010 in Music | Comments (0)

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Musical Serendipity of the Week

Paul | April 9, 2010 in Music | Comments (1)

My chiropractor, knowing I’m an Emmylou Harris fan, made me sit and listen to “Graham Parsons and the Fallen Angles Live 73”  I inherited my love of Emmylou more from my older sister than my Grandma, and this stuff is smoking, despite their joking reference to it as “regressive country.”

It’s recorded “live in studio” at WLIR in Long Island six months before Graham’s death.  It’s rather like having Graham and Emmylou hanging out in your living room with a fanboy radio DJ.  Sound is amazing and the band is red hot.

I imagine I’ll get sick of the talking over time, but until then…