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somewhere between baffled and bemused

Paul | April 14, 2010 in Politics | Comments (2)

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I just found out what the Betsy Ross Teabag Flag with the “II” in the middle means:

Second American Revolution:

Our Betsy Ross flag with a Roman numeral “II” in the center of the 13 stars symbolizes the Second American Revolution on its surface, but at a deeper level it symbolizes the “House of Liberty.” You see, there were “two” times “13” came together to change the course of all mankind . . . the “Last Supper” where a faith began with a “Foundation of Love,” and secondly, when 13 colonies came together and wrote a Constitution “Framed in Freedom.” With a “Foundation of Love, framed in Freedom” the “House of Liberty” Ronald Reagan often spoke of, was built, and this house can not go into foreclosure!”

On one level it’s a relief, since I thought they advocating violence (remember Sarah Palin’s exhortation to RELOAD!).  On the other hand, this is somehow even more whacked out. Is the idea Obama is somehow not Christian?  Please, not that again…