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Urban planning gone bad

Paul | September 25, 2010 in News,Transportation | Comments (0)

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The Somerville DIF seemed to have missed the point.  You don’t make an area vibrant by taking locally owned business by eminent domain and replacing them with parking garages.

From today’s Boston Globe

Coming into Union Square down Prospect Street, you can’t miss Ricky’s Flower Market. Offering flowers and tomatoes all summer and Christmas trees in fall, the indoor/outdoor shop is a community mainstay.

But is it a bright spot or a roadblock? In Somerville, the perspective you take makes all the DIFference.

The city planning department’s proposed District Improvement Financing project has shocked even fans of the improvements planned for Union Square, such as a Green Line stop, reduced truck traffic, and improved storm drains. What sounded like yet another unimportant economic development meeting Sept. 15 introduced a 30-year plan specifying properties the city wants to either buy or take by eminent domain — including Ricky’s.

For a second parking garage, the city plans to buy or take the popular Reliable Market, Somerville’s main source of kimchee.

What on earth is “progressively designed high tech space?”

Paul | June 10, 2010 in News | Comments (0)

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I can’t decide which is worse: the building design or the ad copy.  Either way, if it were being dropped next to MY condo building (sorry, “amenity”) I’d be out rioting. Dropping a ginormous suburban-style office building on the edge of a densely populated urban neighborhood is neither progressive nor high tech.

Continuing Kendall Square’s tradition of progressively designed high tech space, 150 Second Street will enhance a booming business district with smart design and tremendous accessibility. Designed toward LEED certification and surrounded by amenities, the building represents an ideal home for any firm seeking Class A space in a premier location. It will also cut a commanding, highly visible profile, presenting a superior signage opportunity for those seeking to capture a full-building identity in Cambridge.