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hey, wait a second

Paul | May 30, 2010 in Gadgets,Technology | Comments (2)

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I just bought an AT&T 3G MicroCell.  It’s a simple device.  You plug it into the wall and your router, put it near a window, wait 90 minutes (yes an hour and a half), and voila! 5 bar cell phone connectivity throughout the condo.  All for the low, low price of $150.  There’s an alternate plan where you pay $50 for the device, then a mere $20 per month for “unlimited service.” In my version, cell calls come off my plan minutes.

All well and good.  Now I can sit at my desk and make and receive calls on my cell.  And send and receive text messages.  Very cool.  I was practically giddy.

But then I stopped and realized:  I just paid $150 to get cell reception in my house.  I live near Kendall Square, half a mile from the freaking AT&T building.  Why on earth am I *paying* to get cell reception?

AT&T 3G MicroCell

iPads Are Banned From Israel

Paul | April 16, 2010 in Gadgets | Comments (0)

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You can have my iPad when you take it out of my cold, dead… oh wait you have a gun, never mind.

From Social Times

Not only has Israel banned Apple’s popular new iPad device, they’re also disallowing import via tourists. Claiming unresolved wireless issues with the device, the country has placed a temporary ban on them.

Apparently, the iPad has “powerful” WiFi signals that can interfere with other devices. To prevent this possibility, Customs officials are confiscating the devices, at the Communications Ministry request, and already have around ten. Visitors to the country will have to leave iPads with Customs and pay a storage fee. This ban will remain in place for iPads that do not meet local wireless transmission standards.